Traditional Upholstery for a Modern World

Stuffing and Springs

Grey Chaise small

Traditional upholstery is a craft that dates back centuries. The methods we employ have changed little over time and, as far as possible, the materials we use are natural and proven. We avoid the use of foam; it is not environmentally friendly and does not stand the test of time.


There are many more layers to a traditionally upholstered chair than you may imagine. As the pictures below show, the techniques require skill, patience and great attention to detail - even the process of carefully stripping back a chair to the bare frame can be lengthy. However, the satisfaction of transforming a worn out chair into a thing of beauty is worth every minute.

See all of these stages in one place with my cutaway demonstration chair, half upholstered to show all the layers.  


The chair can been seen at craft fairs (see the events page of my facebook page) or at the workshop.